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This is our newly launched podcast for in-depth book reviews and book discussions. Our chats cover all genres such as historical fiction, psychological thrillers, young adult, contemporary fiction, suspense, and more. We pick one best-selling book per month to discuss. Since this is a full analysis, there will be spoilers. See spoiler-free reviews under Book Reviews.

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The team: Amber Gregg, Kate Ota, and James Moore

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Episode One: An Anonymous Girl by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen

Greer Hendricks and Sarah PekkanenBook Info:

Genre: Psychological Thriller
Number of Pages: 375
Perspective: First Alternating
Location: New York City, NY

Book Summary:

Motivated by her need for money, Jessica weasels her way into a psychology professor’s study on ethics and morality. She doesn’t realize that she just threw herself into the psychiatrist’s ruthless and manipulative test for her husband.

Read the review here.

Episode Two: The Alice Network by Kate Quinn

Episode two will be published the end of March. Want to join in on the discussion? Read the book beforehand.

Book Info:

Genre: Historical Fiction
Number of Pages: 532