Belong to Me | Marisa de los Santos

Belong to Me is a fictional story following three main characters: Cornelia, who just moved to town for her husband’s job; Dev, a thirteen-year-old who moved to town with his mom so he can attend a school for the gifted; and Piper, a snotty housewife who is dealing with her best friend’s cancer. For a more complete summary, you can go here.
I picked this book to read because I read de los Santos’s other book Love Walked In. I adored that book, so I figured that I would give this book a shot. I didn’t realize that it follows the same main character, Cornelia. It has some of the other characters too, as well as a lot of new characters. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a sequel though. You could read this book without reading Love Walked In. There was one big event that happened in Love Walked In—that Cornelia is married to her sister’s ex-husband—that was conveniently left out of this book. I thought it was weird that it was never even mentioned, especially because it was a main part of the last book. Between the two, I liked the story of Love Walked In much better. I would have preferred the whole story to be about Teo, Cornelia, and Clare, and not all the new characters, but I guess that would have taken a lot away from the story. 
Cornelia’s chapters are told in first-person, but the other two characters’ stories are told in third-person. I am not sure why the author did that, but I would have preferred all in either third-person or first, not a mixture. I honestly could have done without Dev and his mother’s story. I forgot about them most of the time. All the chapters were really long, so I felt like it was a long time before Dev was mentioned again. I understand his purpose in the story, but I didn’t find it as compelling as the other storylines. I also think that de los Santos put him in there because she really enjoys having adult-like children as main characters. 
I enjoyed the fact that de los Santos makes you love and appreciate characters that you initially hate. It teaches us a lesson about first impressions. Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I would recommend it to any adult or teenager (probably more to females). If you are interested in buying the book, you can buy it here. After you have read it, you can access discussion questions here. Then leave a comment and let me know what you think! 

****   4/5 Stars 

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