Kindle Beginner Tips

This is a  guest post by Kurt Olson. 

I have been writing and publishing Kindle eBooks for six months. I had no real writing or publishing experience before this. I studied up on Kindle eBooks for about a month before diving into it. I got started because I had a four-year period where I briefly summarized and journaled my thoughts on the entire Bible. Chapter by chapter. So I thought it would be fun to turn each one of those journals on each book of the Bible into a Kindle Bible Study eBook. Then, I added more personal thoughts and questions, so as to make it more interesting to the readers. And the reviews have been good on my five I have out in the series so far.

After two months of producing three studies, I was given advice by a more successful Kindle author to change the title to make it more “keyword” rich and to rewrite my descriptions-which he helped me with. So my title went from “Through the Bible With Someone Like You” to “A Bible Study With Someone Like You”, and I improved my descriptions to be more interesting and “keyword” rich. Those two things were big for me. Another big thing for me was getting a Facebook auto-poster to promote my studies three times a week for about two months, and then cutting back to one to two times a week. This software also finds groups in my niche. So I post to Kindle specific groups and some Bible Study specific groups too. Combined, it totals about 250 groups. Search “Bible Studies” in Kindle and you will see there are about four hundred pages, which is thousands of books. With what I have just mentioned, it catapulted my Bible Studies into the TOP 100! (Yeah this advice really does work!). I struggled to comprehend the fact that my writing had contributed in some way to helping people reconnect with God on a meaningful level, see the value of the church in the community, and even help them to find a way of giving back. Many Christians look here for inspiration on the ways of helping to grow and maintain their place of worship through online giving, which I hope my ebooks have helped direct people to in some way.

I have three other books that I have outsourced. Those three are not selling well at all. I’m in the process of changing titles and descriptions and promoting them in niche-specific groups to see if I can turn them around. One thing that I didn’t keep in mind in outsourcing these books-I am just recently realizing the importance of this- is picking the right niche! I bought some software that tells me where people are buying high volumes of books. What they rank, how many pages and reviews each has, the popularity, potential earnings, the competition of the niche,  and how much they approximately make on the book each month. So my next book which I’m having outsourced now is based on my extensive research and I’m confident it will do well.
Another thing I’d recommend that an author do, if they are not already doing it, is hyperlink a landing page in the front and back of the book to collect emails. If you don’t know how to do this, just go to Youtube and find out. I just started doing this in my Bible series about the middle of June and I have about thirty or so emails already. I tell my subscribers that I will notify them when one of my Bible Studies in this series is .99 cents or FREE. Some people, depending on their niche, can also give a report. It is all about giving your readers something of value.
One last bit of advice I’d like to give authors is to have book links made that will be good internationally. Just go to “” and they will turn your Kindle book link into a link that will take your prospective readers to their Amazon Kindle store in ANY country. Then Booklinker will actually track your book clicks as to what country they are coming from.
Happy writing and publishing!

Kurt Olson has been doing Kindle writing and publishing for about six months. His choice of writing so far has been in Bible Studies. He has been a Christian for over forty-three years. By trade, he is a Vascular ultrasound technician for over twenty-two years. He hopes to write some books soon from his career field. He was raised thirty miles north of New York city and has resided with his family in the Fort Worth, Texas area for over twenty-six years.

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