Selling your Books in Unusual Places

This is a guest post by Jordan Mierek.

One thing I looked forward to greatly, in my dream of becoming a published author, was to greet my fans. I wanted to have lively conversations about the characters and maybe help a few aspiring authors make their dream a reality.
It seems only natural to me that I go to as many events that I can and set up a booth for selling my books. I like to do this with other local authors. We each have our own genres, so we aren’t “competing” at all. What’s great is that more people can find a book they like with the wider variety.
A marvelous location for a vendor booth has been local Renaissance Faires. I bought a red tent, the other authors help supply tables, and we set up in a U-shape. 
Costumes are a must for Renaissance Faires. The other authors and I have gone out to buy fabulous ensembles. Costumes aren’t just for Renaissance Faires, though. I wear one at every book signing I do, be it at a library or a convention center. People will come up to me from across the room. “I saw your costume.  What are you selling?” Costumes work better than book banners!
Sometimes people will ask if they can take a picture with me. A few times, people have tried to lift up my sleeves or skirts as if I were a mannequin!
I must admit that a few “costume” pieces – giant necklaces and brocade corsets – I wear in public on a regular basis. People will come up to me at the store and say, “I recognize you, you’re that author! I remember that necklace.” 

I plan to continue to do these events, and there is a wonderful Renaissance troupe in my area. There are always quite a few spaced out throughout the spring, summer, and fall. I keep my website – – up to date regarding events. If anyone in the area, stop by! I would love to chat and show off my costume. 😉

Jordan Elizabeth Mierek dreams, writes, and lives in Central New York.  She’s the young adult fantasy author of ESCAPE FROM WITCHWOOD HOLLOW, TREASURE DARKLY, and BORN OF TREASURE.  Check out her website,, for contests, events, and bonus short stories.

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