Nightmares! | Jason Segel

“That’s how fear grows. When you keep it locked inside and never let it out, it starts to eat you alive.” 
Genre: Children’s Paranormal Mystery
Number of Pages: 368
Perspective: Third
Nightmares! is the story of Charlie, a boy who thinks his new stepmother is a witch. He is tormented by nightmares and soon his brother gets kidnapped and dragged into the nightmare world. Charlie and his friends rush to try to bring him back before it’s too late. For a complete summary, you can go here.
I got this book from an old professor about a year back. I added it to my pile without really thinking about it. Then a few months ago I saw an advertisement for Jason Segel’s new book—yes, the actor who shows his junk in the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall and starred in How I Met Your Mother. So imagine my surprise when I found out he wrote a children’s book. And I already had the book. So I made it a priority to actually read this book. It actually wasn’t bad—but I have to note that he did have a co-writer, as many actors-turned-writers do. 
I do really appreciate that this has a boy main character and is aimed towards middle aged kids. By that point, unfortunately, many boys are no longer interested in reading, and there doesn’t seem to be many books out there that both boys and girls can enjoy equally. So, this is a really great contribution to children’s literature. It’s not the best children’s book I’ve ever read, but I think a lot of kids/pre-teens would really enjoy it. 
One scene reminds me of the movie Inside Out, where the old imaginary friend gets forgotten, but in this book, old nightmares get outgrown and left behind. I’ve also heard it compared to Monsters, Inc., in which scaring kids is a job. But it also reminds me of the book The Nightmare Affair, but in that book, nightmares walk amongst other people and have to “feed” off of their dreams at night. 

Overall, I think it is a great book for readers who are a little older and can handle a longer book. It is also a great book to talk about judgments and letting fears dictate your life. If you are interested in buying the book, you can buy it hereAfter you have read it, leave a comment and let me know what you think! 
“I wouldn’t make fun of someone’s nightmares until you’ve slept a night in his pajamas.” 
 4/5 Stars

o Amber Gregg

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