Shiver | Maggie Stiefvater

“I’d found heaven and grabbed it as tightly as I could, but it was unraveling, an insubstantial thread sliding between my fingers, too fine to hold.” 

Genre: Young Adult—Paranormal Romance
Number of Pages: 390
Perspective: Alternating First
Location: Minnesota
Shiver is a story about Grace, a girl who is attacked by a pack of wolves and is rescued by another wolf. She obsesses over the wolves for many years, until Sam shows up at her door. He happens to be her hero wolf, in human form. For a complete summary, you can go here.
The only reason why I read this book is because I loved Stiefvater’s other book, The Scorpio Races. If I had known that this would be a love story between a girl and a werewolf, I would have dismissed it as a Twilight look-alike and left it alone. I am so glad I didn’t. This was a beautiful story that everyone should read. I spent a day at the beach and finished the whole thing in one sitting!
Stiefvater is a very talented writer that really knows how to world-build and draw you into the details. Her stories can be a bit slow, but that is necessary for her to develop the stories and characters. Her  writing makes you feel connected and invested in the story.
Just like any other romance story with any kind of paranormal themes, you really just have to get over the fact that a girl is in love with a wolf. It’s not bestiality, because she loves the man, not the wolf. But also with romance novels, some lines are just full on cheesy and normal people don’t say those things to other people in real life, but you do get pulled into it. 
I really liked how she put some new twists on werewolves. First of all, the werewolves change when the weather gets cold, not at full moons. Also, when they are in wolf form, they lose any sense of their human memories and inhibitions. There is also only a limited amount of years to switch back and forth between human and wolf form. I think Stiefvater did a great job of really making a new “believable” werewolf. 

I am very excited to read the next book in the series—typically I don’t like sequels, but I am willing to give it a try! If you are interested in buying the book, you can buy it hereAfter you have read it, leave a comment and let me know what you think! 
“Some days seem to fit together like a stained glass window. A hundred little pieces of different color and mood that, when combined, create a complete picture.” 
 5/5 Stars
o Amber Gregg

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