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**WARNING: This is for people who have already read this book. There will be spoilers! If you do not want the book’s wonderful surprises to be ruined, read my review of the book, read the book, then come back to read our chat. Thank you!**

Amber: Let’s get started. What was overall impression of luckiest girl?
Renee: Ok. Yeah, definitely a dark book. But very interesting. I wasn’t expecting the twist and I love when a book does that because sometimes the twist is so obvious.
Amber: I remember being annoyed with her at first since she was stuck up and living in NYC. And then I realized that she was just putting on a front
Renee: Yeah, I definitely was trying to figure out the angle at first. I remember thinking it had to be something deeper.
Amber: Yeah, and then when they talked about her rapes I thought that the big secret was out. I wasn’t expecting the school shooting at all!
Renee: Right? I totally thought it was just about the rapes at first. I do remember being mad at her though for not saying anything. And it made me really think about the rape story in the news right now.
Amber: Oh, I didn’t hear about a big story. But I couldn’t believe she still kind of liked the cute guy, Liam. She almost justified him raping her, but was so mad at the other guys.
Renee: Yeah, I know it was almost like she was glad Liam raped her. There’s a guy I think he went to Stanford and he raped an unconscious girl, was convicted of 3 counts, but then only got 6 months in jail. Totally unfair. And I just remember thinking how the situation in the book was unfair to her too.
Amber: Oh yes, I know that story. But yeah in the book that teacher tried to help her and she backed out. I’m sure she was embarrassed and scared, but I felt bad for him too. He put himself and his job on the line to help her. But that whole relationship was a little strange. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to root for them to be together or if it was still taboo even as adults
Renee: Yeah, that whole relationship made me feel awkward. I can see both sides of it. I can sympathize with being young and wanting to be popular so keeping quiet. As strongly as I feel about it now, I can definitely see my 15 year old self acting like she did.
Amber: Yeah. I found myself feeling really uncomfortable through the whole book because I have an idea of how I would want to act in all of the situations, but it’s hard to say if I would actually act the “correct” way.
Renee: Right. Definitely a thought provoking book.
Amber: So I was thinking about the point where she had the opportunity to shoot the guy who raped her. Do you think she would have done it if she knew he wasn’t going to die?
Renee: I thought at the end she said she would have shot him. But I don’t know if she would have done it if she knew he would survive.
Amber: But then she was blamed anyways for potentially working with the shooters.
Renee: Right. That was another moment when I felt like it was unfair.
Amber: Which is a shame. She felt a lot of guilt for stopping the shooter, but think about the shootings in Orlando. If someone in the club had killed the shooter, they should feel brave, maybe shaken up, but not guilty.
Renee: Yeah, but he was her friend, and her only one for so long. So I can see why she felt guilt.
Amber: That’s true. How did you feel about the ending?
Renee: I’m glad she finally got her vindication.
Amber: I just remember not feeling completely satisfied with the ending, but I can’t put into words why that was.
Renee: I mean it was sort of disappointing but I can’t really explain why. I’m glad she got her vindication but it almost ended kind of boring compared to the climax.
Amber: Yeah, I felt the same way. So, I was just reading up some more about this book and apparently the author based this story on a gang rape that happened to her in high school and how she was bullied afterward.
Renee: Oh, wow.
Amber: Yeah, its crazy. So what were your overall thoughts about this book? Would you recommend it?
Renee: I definitely would recommend it. It was thought provoking for sure.
Amber: I agree. I thought it was very interesting, but it’s not for the people who like feel-good, happy ending books.
Renee: Exactly
Amber: Thanks for another awesome book chat, Renee! I’m looking forward to our book chat next month!

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