Q & A With Author Sarah Stevens

Hi, Sarah! Let’s get started. What are your ambitions for your writing career? 
My ambitions for my writing career would include writing and writing and hoping to one day make the best sellers list.  
What would your career look like in an ideal world? 
In an ideal world my career would look like I could support my family with my writing and have a name for myself.

Those are great goals! What’s your guilty pleasure TV show?  
I love to watch Once Upon a Time. I’m not really a big TV watcher because you will find me with a book in my quiet time. 
I love OUAT too! Do you believe in fate or love at first sight? 
I believe that there is someone for everyone, that date plays a roll in it. It is possible for you to fall in lust at first sight but not so many people are lucky enough to find their forever with them.  
What is the strangest fact about you? 
Strangest??  I’m pretty boring so I’m not sure about a strange fact. 
Which writers inspire you? 
Micalea Smeltzer, R.K. Ryals, Colleen Hoover, Ella James. All authors I love and respect and have guided me with releasing my first novel.  
Colleen Hoover is quickly becoming a strong force in the writing world. What are you working on right now?  
Bren’s Book, currently not titled but it is a stand alone to follow The Night He Saved Me
Why do you write? 
I write because I love it. I get a story or character in my head and I just write. It started as almost a therapy for me, an escape from everyday stress and life now I write whenever I can! 
Do you have any advice for someone wanting to publish their own book? 
Write! Write because you want to and write because the story lives inside you and needs to get out.  Besides that make sure you find an editor and formatter before you hit the publish button.
That is good advice. Some many authors get too excited to publish and they do it before the book is really ready. What books are you currently reading? 
With holidays and kids and writing I really haven’t had the time to read.  
How can readers discover more about you and your work?  
I’m on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I’m currently published on Amazon but getting ready to publish on other outlets.

Thanks again for joining me, Sarah, and good luck in your writing career! 

Do you agree? Disagree?