5 Promotion Methods For the Self-Published Author

promotion methods for self published authors

Book Marketing Ideas I Have Tested

This is a guest post from James Tingle.

1. Letter Campaign

This first method was something I thought of doing a while ago and I'm not sure whether many people have tried to do anything similar or not. What I did a few years ago with a book I had just released and have done again recently with my new title, was to write a letter on my computer, introducing myself and giving a quick synopsis of the book and letting them know where to buy it.

I printed out twenty-five letters each day and bought envelopes and folded the letters and sealed them up until I had about twenty carrier bags full of letters. I then did a list of streets to deliver to and delivered each bag to a few streets over a few weeks until all were done.

The success of this method the first time a few years ago was that I got about thirty sales and a review on Amazon so it did have some benefits but I repeated this recently with the new book and only got a few sales (although I did do fewer bags of letters).

I think this method will be quite variable depending on your book type and the area you live in- maybe areas with lots of students would work best as young people tend to have Kindles and are open to downloading books more than certain older age groups perhaps (possibly).

Conclusion- This way of promotion is time-consuming...maybe not for everyone.

2. Facebook Groups

This is something every day to help promote my books and most self-published authors do this. For this title, Mervano, being a fantasy-comedy, I have joined a fair few fantasy/sci-fi book groups on Facebook but I post in the general ones as well such as Book Junkies, Passion for Books, The Book Nest etc. When you click join group, most of them let you in straight away or a few days after and the good thing is that when you post about your title in the groups, many people get to see your book and may buy it or start reading it on kindle unlimited.

Conclusion- A good way to help get sales but you may not get one every day this way...still, a decent way to share information about your work.

3. Goodreads Messaging

This is an odd one as I don't think they love you doing it but it does work quite well. I sometimes go on Goodreads and find people who like the genre of my newest book, in this case, fantasy and then I send them a message telling them a little about it and offer a free copy in epub, word or mobi. Some people do come back saying they want a copy sending and write their email down and you then send them a copy. I have only been doing this recently but have sent a fair few copies of Mervano out this way.

Conclusion- Does work as a method but Goodreads isn't overly keen on people doing it...maybe message just a few people!

4. Interviews and Spotlights on Book Blogs

I think doing interviews and getting spotlights for your book on book blogs is a decent way to spread the word about your new title and you can share the link on your Facebook page and/or website so more people are becoming aware of the book. I have done a few interviews for different books and I think it is worth doing if you don't mind answering questions about writing techniques and things like that.

Conclusion- Fairly effective way to spread the word although won't necessarily lead to sales although could do if you're lucky!

5. Making a Short Video about Your Book

I recently did this for my newest novel and I think it could be useful in helping promote it. There are lots of people on the site Fiverr who do promotion and advertising for ebooks and who can make you a little video which features your book's cover and flashes up a few facts about it. The videos are usually then put on YouTube and you can share the link to it in Facebook book groups and on your timeline and hope people watch it.

Conclusion- Worth a go and helps advertise in a different way I suppose.

Those are my methods for promotion and so try a few if any take your fancy and the more you try, the more folks buy! Do you have any other ideas? Feel free to leave some in a comment below.

James Tingle was born in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire in 1981 and went to University in Manchester. He has been writing for a few years now and has written a wide range of fiction from science fiction and fantasy to chick-lit and some poetry. He enjoys a wide variety of music and loves a good spicy curry!  Here's how to get Mervano.

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