5 Major Mistakes Of Beginning Writers

5 Major Mistakes of Beginning Writers

Huge Errors of First Time Novelists

This is a guest post by Melisa Marzett. 

If you think that great writers were born talented, that is a great mistake. Being a novelist or a journalist is hard work. The first attempt to master these skills is always difficult since it is a time when all the mistakes are revealed since you just start your adventure to the world of writers. All professional writers got through these difficulties. The crucial thing is to understand that you can succeed only by means of hardworking.  Never scold and criticize your work. Remember that your mistakes are inevitable. This is a kind of training period, providing experience and skill. Try to notice your mistakes at once and fix them. Thus, you won't lose your interest to be a writer and continue developing.

In this article, five main mistakes of newly arrived writers will be examined. We consider new writers to be people longing to write something but without appropriate skills to implement this dream.

1. Uncertain Writer's Viewpoint

The first mistake is an uncertain writer's viewpoint. In the course of these centuries, thousands of novels were written. All the topics were discussed, criticized, and approved hundreds of times. It is difficult to surprise people with something new and beginners always hesitate whether they should even start writing since everything was said.  This is the first mistake of novice writers. Beyond the reasonable doubt, there are a lot of novels already written but every person is unique and has a personal point of view. This is the main feature of modern literature since they use the experience of the previous generation to show it from a different angle.

2. Not Sure What to Write

The second mistake of the novice writers follows from the first. Novice writers often do not know what to write about. The question is about the experience. The young mind is innocent enough to write about the burdens of existence. However, don’t wait for experience to come. This is a false approach. Accumulated knowledge will help you to make up a couple of interesting ideas to develop. Some ideas will collect dust on the shelf, others will become your greatest victory; you just need to find these ones.

3. Lack of Time

The third mistake lays in the lack of time necessary for writing. This is a same-old problem. This is another way to find an excuse for your laziness. You have a lot of work to do, you are always exhausted, and all you want to do is to have a rest. However, the one way you see is to take a vacation and start writing your masterpiece. If you are subjected to such thoughts, you will fail. The creative process does not depend on the amount of money and time you have. Remember that writing is the same work that requires considerable efforts. It's like sports; without regular training, there won’t be any result. All famous writers spend their free time writing, even at night, let alone the fact that they had other work to do. So, pay enough attention to writing if you are going to become great.

4. Lack of a Plan

The fourth mistake of novice writers is based on lack of a plan. All well-known writers have a certain schedule of working. First of all, you should write every day regardless of the number of words. Even a line will be enough not to lose interest. Make notes in the course of the day if some interesting ideas will make up in your mind. If you determined your further direction, you can start writing. Primarily, you need to find all the necessary information. The first rough variant of your novel should be well edited and revised. Read the second edited version to your friends and relatives with further critics, remarks, and observations that must be taken into account. The last step is to write the third variant with regard to all the observations made. It might be painful to see your novel being torn apart but it will point out your weaknesses so you could get rid of them.

5. Distracted by Fame and Money

The fifth mistake, perhaps, creates the biggest obstacles for inexperienced writers. Keep in mind that desire to be famous won’t help you to become a skillful writer. Fame and money are a natural result of your work. However, this is only a reward. Art for the sake of art is very important. That's why venerable writers always avoided hired work. Being excited about a single idea of working on your novel is the greatest gift for a writer. Drowning in the ocean of your own ideas will help you to create something new and special and makes you feel alive and happy.

As an ex-novelist Melisa Marzett, the author of this essay, shares her own experience with those who always dreamt of being a writer to put on the paper their own ideas and dreams. Now, she is a freelance writer working on Online Resume Perk Writing Services but she never gives up her intention to help newly arrived writers on the way to success. She hopes this essay will shed some light on the pitfalls that wait for you.  

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