Spotlight: The Underappreciated Movie Podcast

I wanted to share with you all a super cool podcast because they do some book-to-movie reviews, such as High Fidelity
In this podcast series, four friends discuss movies that they love, but nobody else does. Carly, Elaine, John, and Tony pick older movies that have either a low rating (Rotten Tomatoes, IMDB) or films that didn’t make their money back in the theatre run. 
Carly’s genre is Drama/Romance, John’s is Action/Adventure, Elaine’s is Science-fiction/Fantasy, and Tony’s is Horror/Thriller. 
Each week, one of those four people pick a movie and the group breaks down the film, writers, directors, and cast. At least, that is what is supposed to happen. Most of the time they stray off topic into crazy rants about time travel, relationships between demons and humans, or whatever odd topic the film unleashes on the conversation. Bad impressions, personal stories, arguments on everything from the quality of a rapper turned actor to which female the slasher killed had the best boobs. 
Sometimes they break the format. For their birthdays, the crew picks a film for the person’s birthday in the appropriate genre. Or if a major holiday approaches, they will pick corresponding movie themes. 
In the world of all guys or all gals podcast, this podcast has a great balance of opinions between the two couples or the two guys vs. the two ladies. Episodes are available on iTunes and any podcast app every Friday. Check out their Instagram @Unmoviepodcastdogs or their Facebook page. They are closing in their 100th episode! Check them out!

Do you agree? Disagree?