Ultimate List of Best Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

Best present ideas for bookworms

Buying gifts can be hard, whether it is for a birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas, anniversary, or just another Monday. Bibliophiles obviously love books, but they usually already have a lot and it can be hard to know what they already own. So here is a master list of the best present ideas for bookworms [readers and writers]. I broke it down by price. I included some obvious bookish gifts with book quotes and images of books. But I also included some unique gifts for your favorite introvert that are perfect for warm and cozy nights spent reading.

Here are the 65+ gift ideas for people who love books.

Under $15

Book Lover's Journal

Keep track of books read, to-read lists, books loaned out, and book ratings/reviews with this small and sleek journal.
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Love Books Bracelet

This black wrap bracelet with an infinity sign and book charm are the perfect stylish and subtle accessory that can still be worn to work, especially as a teacher, librarian, or writer.
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Flower Eyeglass Case

Bookish ladies with glasses will love this gorgeous carrying cases. Pair it with a coordinating Book Beau book sleeve (see below).
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Talk Dewey To Me Socks

These funny socks are perfect for teachers, librarians, and other bookworms. Lots of other expressions and designs available, such as "My Book Club Reads Between the Wines".
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Bookish Coloring Book

Even bibliophiles need a break from reading sometimes. This cute coloring book is a perfect combination with a pack of colored pencils and the library pouch below.
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Library Zippered Pouch

Gift your bookworm this adorable library card pouch to store pens, pencils, and bookmarks.
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Book Keychain

This beautiful silver keychain with a book charm and author quote can hold keys and a library card in style.
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Adjustable Bookends

Adjust this handy bookend to hold in place your book stack. Change the width as you add and remove books. Pro tip: pair with a new bookshelf (see below).
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Magnetic Page Markers

These adorable magnetic bookmarks can go anywhere in your book to mark the page and exact line you stopped on. It comes in many different designs and colors.
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Reading Ring

This handy bookish accessory is tiny enough to throw in a purse. It allows you to hold open a book with one hand so you can sip wine (ehem, I mean, coffee) with the other hand. It comes in a set of 12, so share with all your friends.
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Book Flower Pot

This book planter is the perfect decoration for any reading nook or desk. Add a real succulent or any beautiful silk flower.
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Fitness Phone Belt

Does your favorite bookworm love audiobooks and fitness? This belt will hold their phone so they can listen to their favorite book while they workout. Several colors available.
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Magic Library: Jacob's Ladder Toy

This adorable toy is a great boredom buster gift for book lovers of any age.
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High-Waisted Leggings

These best-selling leggings are perfect for a cozy reading session when paired with an oversized sweater (scroll down for a recommendation). Pick your favorite from 40 color options.
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Thigh-High Socks

Speaking of cozy, these tall socks are screaming "Lazy Sunday" in bed with a book. Comes in a two pack and a few color options.
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Weighted Bookmark

Ever tried to read outside on a windy day, only to lose your page? No more! This book weight will hold the pages down so you can read and catch some sun.
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LED Book Light

Know a nocturnal bookworm? Make reading in the dark easy with this bendable light that clips to a book cover.
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Under $25

Travel Tea Infuser

Know someone who prefers cold loose-leaf tea? This leak-proof infuser is library and office-friendly!
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Book Office Caddy

Store highlighters, pens, pencils, or bookmarks in this book desk organizer. Tip: pair with a bookmark or two from this list.
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Secret Compartment Book Boxes

Your bookish friend or spouse will need a place to store all these little bookmarks and goodies. This three-pack of hollow books are perfect storage for any knick knacks or valuables.
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Book Patterned Scarf

This scarf is the statement piece every librarian, teacher, or book lover needs to complete an outfit. Hello, book club fashion!
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Phone Jail

Know someone who wants to read, but is too distracted by Bookstagram and other social media? Help them turn off electronic devices and focus on reading with this phone jail.
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Large Canvas Tote Bag

All bookworms need a bag large enough to hold the latest read, library haul, AND all their belongings. Tip: fill this with a few other items from this list as a cute gift basket alternative.
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Book Laptop Case

Make your Macbook or other Laptop look like a vintage book with this zippered case. Comes in four colors.
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Book Anchor Book Holder

Hide ugly napkins or tissues with this antique book Kleenex box. It's a great addition to a reading nook or on top of your book end table (see below).
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Book Anchor Book Holder

This handy device will hold open your book so you can read hands-free. Once you're done reading, use it as a bookmark.
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Tea Variety Pack

This 120 pack of assorted tea bags is perfect for bookworms who love curling up with a new novel and a hot cup of tea. Pro tip: pair with a Keurig and some of our bookish mugs in our new gift shop.
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Last Word Bookmark

Ever get interrupted reading mid-page and wish you could find the exact word you stopped on? Now you can with this flexible bookmark! Comes in a pack of four colors.
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Knit Sweater

Pair this oversized sweater with a pair of leggings or thigh-high socks (recommendations above) for the perfect reading attire. Three color options.
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Floating Shelves

These disappearing shelves hang books from your wall without crowding the aesthetic. It's perfect for storing books in any minimalist home.
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Sandproof Beach Mat

Does your book lover read at the beach? Avoid sandy pages with this blanket that lets sand fall through. 
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Book and Tea Charm Bracelet

This adorable charm bracelet is perfect for a date night or on a casual Sunday reading. It has book, mug, and "my happy place" charms.
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Wooden Book Triangle

These wooden triangles are all the rage right now on Instagram. You can store your open book on one of these as a cute display.
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Bibliophile Ceramic Vase

What bookworm wouldn't love this adorable flower vase? Bonus points: pick up their favorite type of flowers too.
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Book Themed PopSocket

PopSockets are all the rage because they allow you to hold and prop up your phone with ease, and also give a little bookish character.
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Bookstore Scented Candle

Know someone who loves the smell of old and new books at a bookstore? Now they can bring that scent home with this bookish candle.
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1,000 Books to Read

I know I said I wouldn't include books, but this is a life-changing list of 1000 books every bookworm needs to read in their lifetime. Bonus points: buy them a few books from this list and make a gift basket.
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Under $50

Book Beau Sleeve

Does your bookworm refuse to convert to an e-reader, but hates bending their book pages after shoving it in their purse or backpack? This cloth sleeve to the rescue to protect the delicate pages! Comes in a wide variety of patterns.
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Custom Book Labeler

Know someone who is sick of loaning out books and not getting them back? Give them this personalized embosser to claim their property!
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Floating Wall Shelves

These Pinterest-worthy shelves are perfect for decorations or books in a nursery, office, or reading nook. Comes in a set of 2.
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Charging Bed Caddy

Attach this to a bed to charge a phone and Kindle at the same time. There's also room to store a drink and a book.
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Bath Bombs

You can't go wrong with this 12 pack of bath bombs. For extra brownie points: pair with a bath caddy (see below).
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Bath Caddy

A glass of wine, a candle, a favorite book, and a bubble bath is just what this book doctor ordered. Keep it all dry with this extendable tray.
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Reading Pillow

Use this back support to read in bed or on the floor. Turn any area into a cozy reading nook.
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Sherpa Throw Blanket

Speaking of cozy, no reader will turn down a warm fleece blanket. This one is available in 19 different colors.
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Ostrich Chair

This chair is a must-have for any bookworm who likes to soak up the sun at the beach or a pool. There are holes for your face and arms so you can read while laying on your stomach. Genius!
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Time Tracking Water Bottle

This large water bottle is a must-have for any binge-reading session. Its measurements will help keep all bookworms hydrated. Pro tip: throw this in a gift basket with some snacks and a book from this list.
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Animal Bed

We can't leave out fur babies when talking about bookworms. Give your dog, cat, bunny, or other furry creature a cozy spot to lay while you read the next bestseller. Comes in a variety of sizes and colors.
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Scattergories Book Edition

Many book lovers also love board games. This classic game comes with cute storage that will fit any bookworm's library decor. There are several board game options: Pictionary, Scrabble, Yahtzee, and more.
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K-Cup Coffee Variety Pack

Coffee and books go hand-in-hand. Not sure what flavor? Try them all! And have some on hand for a book club hosted at home.
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Hot Water Kettle

Coffee not their thing? Get them this easy-pour kettle to make some fresh-brewed tea.
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Bluetooth Headphones

These noise-canceling headphones are great for listening to audiobooks or just making a portable quiet space to read whether it's a bus, plane, or mall.
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Under $100

Alexa Speaker

Know a bookworm with their hands full? Tell Alexa to play any audiobook from Audible and these speakers will play a story throughout a home while they clean, workout, or lounge around.
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USB Microphone

Know someone who aspires to record a book discussion podcast, film YouTube video book review, or narrate audiobooks? Get them this microphone that easily plugs into any computer.
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Wood End Table

This modern wood nightstand is perfect for storing your currently-reading book (or seven if you're like me). Pair it with a bookstore-scented candle (see above).
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Three-Tier Book Cart

These book carts are on-trend on bookstagram. Use it as an end table or a moveable to-be-read stack. Sort your library books from personal books. Or, pair it with plants as a gorgeous decoration in a reading nook.
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Free-Standing Hammock

Give your bookworm the gift of reading outside in comfort with this easy to transport, self-standing hammock!
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Memory Challenge Game

Here's a bookish twist on a classic game. Pair it with a floor mattress (below) for a fun bookworm game night.
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Floor Mattress Cushion

This comfy pillow cushion is perfect for curling up on the floor with a good book and a fur baby (or five). It rolls up for easy storage.
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Library Quilt

This gorgeous book quilt is perfect for snuggling up with a good book on a cold day.
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Over $100

Keurig Coffee Maker

Whether they like coffee, tea, hot cocoa, or cider, this is the perfect gift that keeps on giving. Hint: pair with some cute bookish mugs and a K-Cup Variety pack (see above).
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Book End Table

This gorgeous statement piece is guaranteed to be a conversation starter. Pair this with a comfy chair (see below) for an elegant reading area.
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Chaise Lounge Chair

This sleek chair is the perfect addition to any library or reading nook. Perhaps, pair it with a faux fireplace (see below).
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Fireplace Shelf

This splurge would make any bookworm swoon. Add it to a library for a cozy reading corner by the fire. Pair it with a lounge chair (see above). Available in several colors.
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Add this gorgeous shelf to any room to add stylish book storage. Hint: pair with some bookish decor from this list and maybe a few books from this list.
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Kindle Oasis E-Reader

Know a bookworm that travels a lot? Win serious brownie points with this e-reader. The best part? It's waterproof, which makes reading by the pool, ocean, or bathtub easier than ever.
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Hands-Free Book Stand

Know someone who loves to cook? Get them this stand to hold their recipe book in place while they work magic in the kitchen. It's strong enough to hold textbooks. Bonus: get a book light (above) to attach.
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Convertible 3-Person Porch Swing

Hammocks not your thing for outdoor reading? Try out this porch swing that lays back to convert from bench into a bed. Several colors available.
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