Review: P.S. I Still Love You | Jenny Han

“People come in and out of your life. For a time they are your world; they are everything. And then one day they’re not. There’s no telling how long you will have them near.”

Book Info

Genre: Young Adult Romance
Number of Pages: 337
Perspective: First Person
Location: Charlottesville, Virginia

P.S. I Still Love You is the second book in the series following To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. [See my review here]. This picks up right after the cliffhanger of book one. Will Peter and Lara Jean end up together? Or will another recipient of one of Lara Jean’s letters steal her heart? For a complete summary, you can go here.

Book Review

TL;DR: Another prime example of a lackluster sequel.

Rating: 2/5

Full Review: UGH! I am so disappointed. I really wanted to like this book. I swear I gave it a chance even though I hate series [see why here]. I didn’t leave much time in between reading the first book and this one because we were left with a huge cliffhanger and I wanted to know what happened.

Part of the problem is that I watched the Netflix movie version before reading this one. They clearly didn’t want to end on a cliffhanger, so they stole some content from book two. So I had some serious déjà vu for the first 100 pages. It could have formed the ending of book one and then BAM we’re one and done. No series needed. But, of course, that’s not how authors make money so…

I loved the first book. It was cute, the characters grew, and I was rooting for them. But book two felt like all the work they did in book one was erased and they started all over again. But there really wasn’t the same kind of growth by the end of this book. Lara Jean started to make good decisions but then rubber-banded back to where she was before.

The plot was meh. It all felt like filler. All the stuff that was cute in book one, such as funny conversations with her sisters and all the baking, just fluffed up the pages. The storyline with the nursing home was boring and I really wanted to just skip those sections. The game they played was cool and had a lot of potential but ended up falling flat.

Kitty was not consistent as a character. In book one, she was immature but super witty. In book two, she jumped from talking like she was five to sixteen years old. Sometimes she wasn’t allowed in “adult” conversations, but other times they talked to her about sex?? Very strange.

The redeeming qualities are that Jenny Han is a beautiful writer so it is easy and quick to read. I also appreciated the message that a first love can be important and special, even if you acknowledge that it won’t last forever. If you are interested in buying the book, you can buy it here. After you have read it, leave a comment and let me know what you think!

My Rating

2 star 2019

"It’s the connection between two people that can’t be severed, even when love turns to hate. You still have those old feelings for them; you can’t ever completely shake them loose of you; you will always have tenderness in your heart for them.”

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