Review: Alarm Clock — Month 2 | Ellie + Ott

I was generously given a free sample of the monthly book Ellie + Ott in exchange for an honest review.

Ellie and Ott Month 2

Book Info:

This is a book series for new parents. There is a gift set for each month of the baby’s life starting from month one through month twelve (so far—it looks like they are adding more over time).

I’ve recently announced to the world that my husband and I are expecting our first child in February. So it was super exciting to get my first review copy of a picture book by Ellie + Ott [See more about them here]! If you are interested in getting your own set, you can use the code E+O10 to get 10% your order.

What You Get:

Since it is a set, I will break down what is included each month and review each portion separately. The set I received is for month two and it is called Alarm Clock.

Five playtime activity idea cards based on your child’s natural development.

These five cards gave me ideas for different developmentally appropriate activities I can do with a baby in month two (most have larger ranges, such as months zero to six). Each card provides the goal for the activity, instructions for how to complete it, and why it is appropriate. This is my favorite part of the set because it can be so hard to come up with activities to do with a baby (it seems like they spend most of their time sleeping and eating). This month’s set came with these activities:

  1. Engaging baby with social smiling
  2. Engaging baby’s developing visual skills
  3. Supporting baby as they learn sensory regulation
  4. Promoting baby’s developing ability to tell words apart
  5. Nurturing baby through touch

Three parent skill-building strategies to give you some creative ideas to hone your parenting chops.

So many times, new moms are so focused on baby’s development that they forget to focus on their own health. I love that this set takes into consideration mom’s needs. One card is about physical health, one is about emotional health, and one is about mental health. Each card explains the steps and why it is helpful during month two. Here are the three topics for this month:

  1. Perfecting your pelvic floor
  2. Diaphragmatic breathing
  3. Defining your tribe (support system)

An original Ellie + Ott board book that shows a moment in real-life parenthood.

This is a high-quality board book, so your baby can grab ahold without worrying about the pages ripping. Parents love the idea of reading to newborns, but really you can read them just about anything. At this point, I think the parents may need a little entertainment. The images are cute and high contrast (perfect for newborn eyes), so the baby can look at the book as you read to them. But the story really is more for the parents. In this month’s book, it discusses sleepless nights with baby. It seems like it would be very relatable to parents in month two of having a baby.

How to Order:

Overall, I LOVED this set and will definitely be getting one for every month. I highly recommend it as a gift for a baby shower or to give someone as a birth present.

If you are interested in getting your own set, you can use the code E+O10 to get 10% your order. They are sold in individual months ($9.99) or in bundles of three months ($24.99). There’s free shipping on all orders over $25. Can’t beat that! You can order here. Not ready to commit? They have a free sample you can order of the activity cards and parent-building skills.


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