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The more parents demonstrate love for each other, the more they saturate their child’s senses with confidence of a loving, safe and secure world.

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Genre: Parenting
Number of Pages: 252

Baby Wise follows a parent-directed feeding model. It has tips for guiding babies into a routine and solid sleep. For a complete summary, you can go here.

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TL;DR: A must-read for any new parent!

Rating: 5/5

Full Review: This was the first parenting book I read and it was gifted to me by my dad and step-mom. I LOVE LOVE LOVED this book and gave it my Best Book Award [See the other winners of the Best Book Award here]. I think I put a sticky tab on almost every page. I am only halfway through my pregnancy, so I know that I will have to reread this book before the baby comes. There’s just so much good info about sleeping and feeding schedules compacted into one book. There are sample schedules that I plan to photocopy and post in the nursery as a guide. So far, this is the most useful baby book I have read. Sometimes advice books talk in abstracts. This book gave clear advice that will be super easy to apply. It also has stood the test of time. Lots of new sleep methods have come out over the years. This one seems like it is safe and reliable.

However, I don’t think it is fair to give a full review at this point because I haven’t had my baby yet, so I can’t say personally how well this works in practice. However, my step-mom swears by it. She followed the methodologies for my sister. I think ultimately, we will follow a combination of different methods, plus what works for our baby. But having a schedule will be ideal for my working situation. Fingers crossed that it works for us!

I know this book has divided reviews. But it is ultimately about a type of parenting style. It seems like a nice balance between sleep training and attachment parenting (both seem to be on opposite ends of the spectrum). Some people follow this, some people follow the other popular styles, and some people just do their own thing. ALL OF THAT IS OKAY. As long as the baby is safe and healthy. I think you just have to go into this book knowing that it may work for some babies, but it is okay if it does not work for your baby.

My biggest takeaways are:

  1. Establish routines of feeding and eating.
  2. Feed baby until they are full, rather than feeding to get them to sleep or snacking.
  3. Play and nurture babies during their awake time.
  4. Have them sleep in their own room.
  5. Put your relationship with your co-parent as a priority.

Even if you don’t follow this method exactly, it has some great information. I think the best we can do is read about as many methods as possible and make our own best-informed decision. This should definitely be on everyone’s to-read list during pregnancy. If you are interested in buying the book, you can buy it here. After you have read it, leave a comment and let me know what you think! 

My Rating

5 star

When searching for the solution to naptime challenges, parents often overlook the quality of the waketime that preceded the nap.

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