2020 Reading Challenge: May Book Recommendations

2020 Reading Challenge

Oh, man. I am super late on this post. Even though in many places, social distancing orders are still in effect, I'm busier than ever with a new baby and working from home. If you find yourself with more downtime, the weather is getting nicer, so grab a book and head to your backyard or a quiet park. [Outside isn't canceled.] Tackle some of your TBR list or get some new ideas (Kindle and Audible books are easy to order without leaving your bed). In order to stay honest about my reading goals, I invite all of you to join me in the Judging More Than Just the Cover 2020 Reading Challenge. Each month, we have a category to follow.

Pick at least one book that falls into that category. I’ll let you know what book I chose and give a few other suggestions.

Once you pick your book, make sure to tag me on social media and use the hashtag #JudgingMoreChallenge. I’ll share my favorites! At the end of the year, I’ll have lots of giveaways. I’ll pick winners based on who completed all 12 months of challenges!

Here’s the 2020 Reading Challenge:

January: A book with a strong female protagonist.
February: A book about nontraditional love.
March: A book you were supposed to read in high school, but didn’t.
April: An #OwnVoices character different than you.
May: A book that takes place in the state you live.
June: A book in your favorite genre.
July: A book in your least favorite genre.
August: A book that takes place near the beach.
September: A book you loved as a child.
October: A modern ghost story.
November: A book about a dysfunctional family.
December: A book that takes place in a snow storm.

May Book Ideas: A book that takes place in the state you live in. 

This month’s category is a book that takes place in the state you live or where you grew up. This is probably the most straight forward category. See my list of recommendations below, organized by state. If you live outside of the United States, pick a book that takes place in your city or country. 

For the purpose of this month's challenge, you can pick children's literature, young adult, or adult fiction. It can even be non-fiction! Perhaps there's a memoir where the author lives in your area. 

Here are some of my recommendations for May:

United States

Outside of United States

Need more ideas? Check out Book Riot's list or this one for Penguin Random House books by state.

I will be reading The Water Dancer by Ta-Nehisi Coates since I currently live in Virginia. 

So let me know which book you are choosing for May! And remember to tag me @judgingmorethanjustthecover and use the hashtag #JudgingMoreChallenge.


Do you agree? Disagree?