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Amber Gregg has a Master's of Early Childhood Education degree from THE Ohio State University [Go Bucks!]. She used to teach preschool, but now she teaches college courses and does college-level writing tutoring. She loves books, Pinterest crafts, color-coded planners, sitting on her dock, and brownies. Her persona is a tattooed rocker mashed with a tea-drinking-yogi. She grew up in the Chicago suburbs, but now lives in Virginia with her husband (Brandon) and fur babies (Monster, Tank, and Redbull.)


Judging More Than Just The Cover

Amber started Judging More Than Just The Cover in 2014 when she was reading five books a week for a graduate level Fantasy and Folklore class, plus all the children's books for her Masters of Education program.

Amber has a passion for reading and literacy and she loves sharing that passion through this website. Through book reviews, author discussions, and writings, she is able to help aspiring and current authors, publishers, and readers. She loves pulling from her education background to inspire children and adults to love reading. She is currently pitching a Young Adult Fiction novel and writing the next one. Keep your eye out for that!

Reviews are only as powerful as the engagement they create. Let me know your thoughts, even if you disagree!


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