Book Anchor Book Holder


This handy device will hold open your book so you can read hands-free. Once you’re done reading, use it as a bookmark.

Buying gifts can be hard, whether it is for a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, anniversary, or just another Monday. Bibliophiles obviously love books, but they usually already have a lot and it can be hard to know what they already own. So here are some best present ideas for bookworms [readers and writers]. These are unique gifts for your favorite introvert that are perfect for warm and cozy nights spent reading.


  • “Wisdom Anchor is a page holder that holds-book-open for hands free reading, also works as a premium-grade metal bookmark. Functional way like a weight-page-holder yet having an elegant shape,meanwhile, it will elevate the experience of reading
  • Crafted In High Quality Stainless Steel: The anchor clips are made of premium 304 stainless steel(2 cylinder grips was made of 303 stainless steel), featuring with chrome painted finishing, hand welding, solid and durable
  • Great solution for hands free reading, size fits most books (fiction/cookbooks/crafts/instructional pamphlets/document/dictionary/magazine …)
  • Perfect book accessories for women, men, student, college, teens, book lovers”


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